End of the Summer Garden and Beginning of the Fall Garden

| 9/9/2016 10:55:00 AM

Faithful HomesteaderAs we are preparing for our fall garden, I am reflecting on our spring/summer garden. The garden definitely had its hits and misses. However we are moving forward, and I am anxious to see what the fall garden yields.

variety of tomatoes

One of my biggest disappointments with the summer garden was the failure of our corn. I was really looking forward to some fresh garden corn. We have not had any success with that for the past few years. My husband said that as he looked around at other gardens, they did not seem to do well with their corn this year, either.

More so than any other year that we have been on our little homestead, the mockingbirds have been a real problem. We didn’t get to enjoy any blueberries or grapes because of them. They went after the blackberries and our Jujube tree. My husband is ready to take them out, but I just want to do more to keep them away, like some kind of netting.

We are done with squash for the season, but we are still enjoying plenty of tomatoes. I am always happy to have an abundance of them. Even though it is not so much a summer food, we have most often used the tomatoes to make chili.

And now we have started planting the fall garden. This season, my husband is using garden frames to help with weed control. He is using four, 10 x 2 pieces of wood to make the frames, and then burying the frame eight inches into the ground.