Embracing Life on the Homestead

| 11/23/2016 3:47:00 PM

Faithful HomesteaderI never had a real desire to live a homesteading life. Most of my adult life I lived in apartments and townhomes. I was good with the low-maintenance aspect of that type of living. Then I got married to a man that embraced homesteading and self-sufficiency. He is a gardener, handyman, and visionary. He was the one that pushed for us to get our own place in the country.

We have had our place for about five years now, and I have softened to this new lifestyle. I like that we live outside of the city, even though it is starting to catch up with us. I like that we have chickens and they provide us with fresh eggs and plenty of entertainment. They are good therapy, too.

garlic - Copy
My first time planting garlic.

My husband is good at gardening, and I certainly appreciate all of the homegrown food that we are able to get each year. Usually he is the one that plants everything, but there have been some occasions where I was actually the one putting stuff in the ground. I never thought that I would be doing that. Most recently I planted garlic, and I am happy to see that it seems to be doing well.

Recently, when we were dealing with an early freeze and frost warning, I was the one in the garden picking tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon. I spent a lot of time covering up plants that I hoped to save. In the past, I would not be so invested in doing that.

I really want to get back into doing more made-from-scratch meals. I used to make homemade bread about once a week, and I miss it. Maybe with the cooler months having arrived I will be motivated to use the oven more. I love making a good meal that my husband will enjoy after a hard day of work, and it's even more satisfying to use food grown on our own homestead.

12/10/2016 9:25:44 PM

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12/4/2016 8:42:27 AM

Faithful Homesteader, you made me chuckle. Country living has a way of growing on you, doesn't it. I live in the urban part of my city. I grew up inn the country on what would be called a homestead today but back in the 1950s it was called a farm. My love for the country never died but became dormant for many years. Now I'm too old to be a homesteader but I have become an urban farmer with two vacant city lots to develop and care for. City gardening is more of a challenge than country. There's many more rules and regulations to contend with and keeping neighbors happy can be an issue at times. It's all worth it for me. Have a great day on the homestead.