You Know You Are a Farmer When …

Most folks envision a farm to be a place where large amounts of produce are grown for profit across vast pieces of land. The people who live and work such pieces of land are certainly farmers, but what about the rest of us?

To answer that question one needs to first ponder all the possible meanings of the word “farm.” For example, I believe the term “farm” can be applied to a place where food is grown to sustain life and provide benefits to those around it. By that definition, my family and I have a farm! That makes us farmers!

Furthermore, we may not sell our produce, but we sure do reap great benefits from it.

We are part of a large, global movement where more people have decided to take control of their food supplies by growing their own. People are becoming farmers again! This movement is a bit of a throwback to a time when growing your own was either a requirement or a deeply ingrained practice of basic living.

Just Google the terms “backyard farming” or “urban farming.” All across our land people are growing their own healthful, delicious and, in many cases, organic produce. Some are even raising animals for food. Most impressively, these “farmers” are growing their own regardless of available land space.

A quick scan of Pinterest shows urban “farmers” growing edible plants on balconies, container “farmers” coaxing amazing amounts of produce from vessels of all shapes and sizes, and backyard “farmers” like me supplying their families and neighbors with amazing produce. A new “crop” of entrepreneurs are even bringing the grow your own movement to kitchen counters!

Farmers, gardeners, agriculturalists, homesteaders, country people and more all uniting around the common interest and wonderfully sustainable pursuit of growing their own food.

So, are you a farmer?

  • Published on Jan 23, 2015
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