You Can Have More by Having Less

| 4/20/2015 9:25:00 AM

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You can have more by having less when you understand the time and effort that comes with building your homestead or farm.

Getting Started: Our Goal

Our goal is to grow nutrient dense food to eat and sell. We have been "practicing" now for about three years. While we have sized our greenhouse to be manageable by just a few people once it is completed, we still want to grow at a rate that is sustainable for us.


What do I mean by practice:

  • Start small with the end goal of what you want to grow into.

  • Since our vision is to be debt free when the farm is completed, pay cash, or very few payments.

  • Take the time to test the systems you want to use on the smaller greenhouses.

  • Take note and record the weather and temperatures/humidity/winds and daylight at the greenhouse location.

  • What solar, wind and generator power systems will we use? Are they reliable?

  • How will the greenhouse be heated during the 40 to 50 below zero weather?

  • What automatic watering systems will we be using?

Test, test, test and evaluate.

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