Working on the Mobile Garden

| 8/26/2015 4:04:00 PM

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Homesteading with Mrs DToday I got dirty. I worked on the mobile garden, which has mostly been neglected since we left for Oregon, back in April. Yes, it has been watered, and I have begun harvesting the peppermint, but mostly it has sat untended. My strawberries refuse to either produce or die out, so I pulled the dead pansies and other flowers and made a nice mulch around them. I will continue to cover them as they go dormant and hope that they come back again in a few months.

I added my compost/garden soil mix to the remaining pots and took inventory of my seeds. Since potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic are relatively inexpensive, I decided to forego planting any of those. Tomatoes, squash and cucumbers are probably too late to start, so I decided to go with greens, herbs and peas.

the mobile garden 

Fall is coming soon, here in Colorado, so cooler weather crops that might do well in small pots seemed like a good idea. They also have to be mobile, since we will be changing locations every few weeks, and our fall and winter travels will include New Mexico, Arizona and California. I also put in some rosemary, oregano, parsley and dill seeds. We will see how they do.

This time, I labeled everything, along with where I got the seeds – some from Bountiful Gardens, by mail order, and some locally from farmers' markets last year. A few I got from discount stores at 10 for $1 – could you resist? I want to see what germinates and what doesn’t and how they do, so I can “weed out” the non-productive seeds in my backlog of inventory, and justify the cost if the mail order or farmers' market seeds take off. This way I can also keep track of what I planted in which pot, especially when it comes to harvesting the salad greens.

the mobile garden   the mobile garden

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