Weeding Weakling

| 4/14/2014 10:12:00 AM

Amanda KempLet me start by saying, I hate to weed. Yes, I know that if you do it after a rain, that it's easier. But I still don't really like to do it, so I've used a combination of methods to avoid it. 

First, I send my rabbits through the aisles to eat the grass as low as possible. In the past, I have used ducks to eat and trample it. I'd like to say that I meticulously planned my rows to accommodate the repurposed dog kennels that I use for grazers. 

That would be a lie. I'm just not that farseeing. Generally, I kind of bumble along and things tend to fall into place. As you can see, Rodgers is pretty happy to help. 

Rodgers Grazing
My Silver Fox rabbit, Rodgers, grazing. Buck named Rodgers. Get it? 

After the grass is low, then I lay cardboard down over it. I avoid any cardboard with coating and color printing on it. Since the tape doesn't breakdown, I remove it as well.

Flattened cardboard that I got from the school I used to work at.