The Right Hummingbird Feeder and DIY Ant Moat

We love watching the hummingbirds right outside our back door. We have tried multiple feeders. Eventually nectar always ends up on the ground. Another challenge is keeping the ants away.

In the past, all of the feeders had overhead reservoirs. With fluctuations in temperatures, it would cause expansion and contraction that would eventually lead to the nectar leaking out on the ground. I did not like this at all. I also didn’t like that I really did not know just how much nectar remained in the main area of the feeder.

I found a feeder without the overhead reservoir and we decided to try it. We change out the nectar often so there really was no need for the reservoir. I like the clear feeder so I can see just what is left in it. We have not had any nectar spill on the ground.

Everything was going great until we noticed ants everywhere in and around the feeder. I did some research on getting rid of the ants. The best option for us sounded like an ant moat.

We started thinking about what we had around the house that we could use for a DIY ant moat. We had bought some small plastic containers from the health food store to use for storage. We decided that one would work for our purpose.

We drilled a hole in the bottom of the container just a hair under the size of the shaft on the feeder. That way when we put them together it was a tight fit. The last thing was to fill the hole with silicone to keep the water from draining out.

After letting the silicone dry overnight, we set out the hummingbird feeder again. We have not had any ants in the feeder now that we have our DIY ant moat. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s functional. I decorated it with some chicken stickers so now I think it looks a little better.

  • Published on Jul 21, 2016
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