The Netting Knot

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The Netting Knot

Make good use of this knot in a variety of outdoor activities. This knot pattern can be made into a fishing net or even a hammock for backyard leisure.

By Lucy Davidson
Illustrated by Maria Nilsson
September 2018

Cover courtesy Princeton Architectural Press

In40 Knots and How to Tie Them, Lucy Davidson shows readers the ropes on tying handy knots to use as a practical tool for everything from outdoor activities to arts and crafts. Davidson uses step-by-step instructions to teach readers knots essential for camping, climbing, and sailing, and shows readers how to practice these skills to create decorative projects. This book is a brilliant combination of impressive craftsmanship and clever designs, making it perfect for creative adventurers. The following excerpt is from Chapter 4, “Maritime Knots.”

This is the traditional knot used in most netting for fishing and traps. It is useful to know if you are sailing and need to catch your own supper! Once you have mastered this knot you can create your own netting by repeating these steps using a continuous piece of rope. The Netting Knot can also be used to create your own hammock or bag.

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  1. To create the most common Netting Knot, which is the Sheet Bend, make a bight in your rope. Thread another piece of rope through the bight from behind, then make a small bight and wrap the cord around the main bight.
  2. Bring the end through the smaller bight you have just created.
  3. Hold the two ends of the working rope together in one hand.
  4. Holding both ends of the rope in your other hand, pull both ends of the working rope downward to tighten the knot.

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From40 Knots and How to Tie Themby Lucy Davidson, Illustrated by Maria Nilsson. © Pavilion Book Company Ltd 2017, published by Princeton Architectural Press. Reprinted with permission from the publisher.

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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