Texas Ups and Downs

| 3/18/2014 10:05:00 AM

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Amanda StoffelsWeather in Texas has a reputation of changing very rapidly but this year it seems to have been extreme even for Texas. I think that I have felt the weather changes more severely due to the major desire for spring planting. This will be my third spring to garden. With this being said, I have gotten the worse case of spring fever I can ever remember.  As soon as I have planned out a project on the farm or in the back yard, weather has reared its ugly head and put a hold on it. 

Project #1:  Cabin

As written about in "X Marks the Spot," we have been gathering supplies for our cabin made out of as much recycled material we can get our hands on. We have been successful in gathering a few trailer loads of lumber. Since the groundhog saw his shadow and we got six more weeks of cold winter weather, we are still waiting on the ground to thaw. This leads us to our first building project on the farm. Can you guess what we are building?

farm project

An outhouse is a true essential to the comfort of a future cabin with no running water on the farm. We hope to finish this up this next weekend.  

Project #2: Plant Cold Weather Plants

3/30/2014 1:53:15 PM

I don't know what part of Texas you're from but I will say I'm more than a little disappointed at your "Master Gardener". I live in West Texas and I seed cool weather plants directly into my garden in September,they are all up by the time any cold weather starts and then I cover them with row cover fabric which protects them from freezing. I've been harvesting lettuce since October and Collards,Spinach and Kale for at least a month. Since it's been so warm most days the plants are all starting to bolt now so will harvest them all soon and pull them up just in time to plant tomatoes and peppers in their place.

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