Start Recycling and Save Money on Your Farm

| 11/22/2016 3:53:00 PM

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Bobbi PetersonTransportation logistics, storage, and environmental protections all play a role in how a farm maintains its profit margin. This has evolved throughout the history of farming and has led us to the present day, where in these things there is an increased importance to recycling.

The Industrial Revolution made it easier for farmers to plant and harvest more crops in a season. This meant a need for faster transportation to get those crops to consumers. Developments in agricultural technology from 1945-1970 further increased crop yields and the need for practical ways to ship crops faster and with less expense, meaning farmers could pocket more profit.

The construction of canals reduced transport times from 20 days down to six, and was quickly followed by the expansion of the railroad. Railroad freight cars competed with the trucking industry and waterway barges for shipping methods. Competition in shipping methods also was a benefit to the profit margins of farmers.

Transportation, energy, and storage all continue to be areas where farmers can make a profit and avoid losses. Now, more farmers are turning to green options to save time and bring in money.

One-Time Use Containers

Containers to hold crop harvests are expensive. Because they are limited to one use, they do nothing to reduce the carbon footprint of farms, and they take up space in landfills.

New techniques in recycling allow for the manufacture Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). These containers are also one-use, however, rather than being disposed of after they've been used, they are returned to the manufacturer for cleaning and repairs if necessary.

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