Spring Plans

| 12/29/2014 9:36:00 AM

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Life on Itzy Bitzy FarmDecember 26 brought visions of spring dancing in my head. 

Well, another Christmas is past and as much as I love Christmas time, I long for spring. I believe deeply in having a plan - a strategy and moving forward with purpose and hope. 


kaleJanuary 3 marks our one-year anniversary on our 2-acre homestead here in North Carolina. After a bumpy first year of garden creating, coop building, flock illness, chicken deaths and bad manure added to our soil that caused crop failure, it is time to put the past behind us. We are making some changes to the layout of our gardens, have found an organic manure source, expanding our laying hen flock and adding pigs to our farm this new year.  

Part of our plan is to re-purpose a firewood shelter into a pig shelter with a connected pasture area for our new porkers that we will be raising. It will be our first time raising pigs and we are excited about adding a meat crop to our homestead lifestyle. 

pig shelter

12/31/2014 3:44:35 PM

Hi Dave, Nice to hear from ya. Have you Liked my FB page? Can't remember? I like the idea of the basement grow light garden. We don't have a basement. It's not easy holding off till Feb or March to get my greenhouse running, but the heater would be running too long if I start now. Have a great Winter and will be watching for pics of your basement salad. :)

12/31/2014 3:41:47 PM

Hi Mulberry Acres, Sounds great. I looked at the larger breeds and don't think we have enough space so opted for the smaller ones. Pig for a pet? I am considering a mini donkey or burro for a pet as they also make good watchdogs, so they say. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great Winter.

12/30/2014 3:40:30 PM

Sounds like we are on the same path! We doubled our layer flock last summer and our garden areas and also got our first pig too. He is a pet but have learned a bit about pigs with having him around. We have decided to get a few piglets this spring to raise for meat. Will likely go with either the large black or the Old Spot (maybe a cross between the 2 as we have them all available to us.

12/29/2014 7:36:01 PM

Susan, who wants to wait until spring. I just scrubbed out a section of my basement and will be building an inside growing area. It will be similar to the rain gutter growing system for my outside garden last year. I figure it just might work for inside as well. A couple of eight foot shop lights and six five gallon buckets should produce some lettuce and spinach and maybe a radish or two. It's not a real big production but something to keep me out trouble during the winter months. ***** Have a great Spring garden planning day.

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