Organize a Seed Swap

Exchange seeds and advice with gardeners in your community.

| January/February 2017

  • Sharing seed builds a community of gardeners who help feed each other and provide food security for their families, friends, and neighbors.
    Photo by Makela
  • Create eye-catching signs announcing your community seed swap!
    Photo by Claudia Wizner
  • Consider starting small with your first seed swap. Invite friends to bring seeds they harvested from their gardens.
    Photo by Terry Wild Stock
  • If you're working within a budget, do as much of the work as possible by hand.
    Photo by Claudia Wizner
  • Seed envelopes with handwritten labels can be unique and inexpensive. They make great favors!
    Photo by Terry Wild Stock
  • When rounding up seed for your swap, check with local companies that might be willing to donate seed or other materials.
    Photo by Michelle Bevell
  • Post photographs and thanks helpers and donors on social media following the seed swap.
    Photo by Makela
  • "Locally adapted seed that has been raised in one region may be more resistant to stress and pathogens than the same variety raised in a different part of the country."
    Photo by NanFischer

The value of seed saving and sharing is becoming increasingly apparent as we learn about biodiversity, food security, pollinators, and the nutritional benefits of food grown close to home. The humble seed is where it all begins! There are a multitude of reasons to grow, save, and share seed.

• Heirloom varieties continue to be passed down through generations, along with their stories.

• Plants grown from local seed are robust and adapted to local climatic conditions. The food we harvest is fresh, tasty, and nutritious.

• Sharing seed builds the community as we gather with other gardeners, help feed each other, and provide food security for our family, friends, and neighbors.

• Trading seed gives home gardeners new varieties to try.

No matter your reasons for wanting to save and share seed, look for a seed swap in your area during springtime. If there isn’t one nearby, it’s easy to organize one.

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