Repurposed Watering Can for a Birdbath Water Feature

| 7/6/2016 11:13:00 AM

Faithful HomesteaderI am always looking for ways to attract birds to our yard. For a long time we had been on the hunt for a good birdbath at a reasonable price. We finally found one at a garage sale for $25, but the birds did not seem to be using it. We started brainstorming some ways to get them interested in it. We had an old metal watering can that leaked and was serving no good purpose. My husband had the idea to repurpose it for use in our birdbath for a fountain water feature.

Watering can with drilled holes

My husband saw the watering can laying in the yard and a light went on in his head. The first thing he did was drill holes on the sides of the can at the bottom. Then he used a solar powered water fountain that we had. He attached a used rubber hose from his pickup truck to the outlet of the pump.

Pump inside can

Then he put the pump in the can and fed the rubber hose up through the outlet spout. Next, he attached the wire for the pump to the inside of the handle of the can so that it couldn’t be seen. He put the can in the birdbath after filling it up with two inches of gravel. He then filled it with water and set the solar panel in the place it would get the most sun.

New birdbath feature