Replacing Kitchen Flooring

| 3/19/2018 9:33:00 AM

Kitchen appliances are modern day marvels. No one lives without a refrigerator, stove, or microwave in today's American culture. So when one of the basics fail, it requires immediate action. Even more so when it happens while on vacation.

Upon returning home from a trip to Texas to attend a friend's wedding, I found that my faithful fridge of 20 some years had failed and leaked out a mess. Apparently it was leaking for years and I just didn't know it.

kitchen floor

As you can see things have been happening under the fridge for quite some time. I would say that the fridge hasn't been out of it's cubby for at least 17 years. Maybe it should come out a little more often. So now a simple refrigerator replacement becomes a floor issue as well. So out comes the floor.

kitchen floor

3/28/2018 11:10:15 PM

That does not sound like a fun thing to come home to. Glad you are able to get the work done. We are down to just one shower because we have to figure out a leak. My husband thinks it will end up being a big job. I may end up with a whole new bathroom if we ever get working on it. Have a great day.