How To Preserve A Hornets Nest

| 12/7/2016 4:01:00 PM






I'll be honest, before I became a beekeeper I never paid too much attention to wasps and hornets. But then I saw the body of bald-faced hornet hanging out of one of my beehives. The honeybees had attacked and decapitated her and were in the process of pushing the body out of the hive. I did some research and learned about hornets' unique life cycles and behaviors. Even though they have spelled disaster for more than one of my beehives, they quickly gained my respect. For one thing, they build amazingly beautiful homes. You have probably seen them hanging in the woods, or even near your home.

1/14/2018 2:57:29 PM

We've collected nests for years and have been stung trying. There is a very short window from the time it does get cold enough to pick and when the birds start tearing nests apart looking for larvae. They are absolutely fascinating and visitors really enjoy seeing them for the first time.