Off Grid Living

| 10/7/2014 9:45:00 AM

off grid living: off grid rv 

Homesteading with Mrs DPart of our mobile lifestyle involves completely off grid living, or “boondocking,” as RVers call it. Of course, we have our onboard propane tank and water and waste tanks, but how do we manage the electricity?


off grid living: rv solar panels

When we are visiting family or have “full hook-ups,” meaning we can plug in to their outlets, hook up to their water and sewer, and live pretty much as we do in our stick-built home, known as “stix and brix.” When we are out without hook-ups, we can still use our propane, water and toilet with little difference, except we need the water pump, which runs on electricity. In the RV, the coach batteries, which charge off the engine when it’s running, will last several days running the lights, water pump and heater. They do not run the electrical outlets, microwave or refrigerator, however. The refrigerator can be run on propane, so that is not a problem. The batteries last even longer if we don’t need the heater.

off grid living: inverter and power strip