October Departs With Snow Showers As November Arrives With Sunny Skies And Cold

| 11/3/2014 12:07:00 PM

Ginnie BakerThe end of October brought dire weather forecasts just in time for Halloween parades. Weather predictions were for thunderstorms and heavy rain so a lot of local Halloween parades were rescheduled. But, the weather turned out to be quite nice; no thunderstorms, no heavy rain. The parades went off without a hitch and the little ones got to go trick or treating in rather mild weather.

October 31st brought us our first snow showers and high wind. There isn’t a leaf left on the trees and a lot of branches came down. It’s that time of year when it looks rather gloomy even when the sun shines; bare trees and browning grass.



The bird feeders are filled several times a day to help the birds. Filling the feeders also brings in the Coopers hawk. It sits in the tree overlooking the bird feeders. That causes a lot of panic for the birds!