No, You Do Not Need To Till Your Garden; Do This Instead

| 4/21/2016 8:48:00 AM

Candi Johns



Tillers are very popular. DH & I have a little store where we buy and sell all sorts of items. If we have tillers, they are a sure, fast sell. Go here to see our store.  

I haven't used a tiller on my garden since we put it in.

no till

4/24/2016 8:28:47 AM

Candi, your posts are always filled with useful information. I should really get a broadfork. They would be very useful in my raised bed gardens. I cover my beds in the fall with a grass/leaf mixture about a foot deep. It comes from vacant lots that haven't had chemicals put on them so it's a clean mixture. Over the Winter it is reduced to about four inches. In the Spring I turn it under with a spade and let it rest about a month before planting. As the growing year progresses thin layers of grass clippings help keep the weeds under control and give the plants a bit more nitrogen. Bottles with holes are buried beside the plants for subterranean watering. It takes a little more work in the Spring but really benefits the garden through out the summer. ***** Have a great no till garden day.