More News From the Craigslist Garden

| 7/1/2015 12:34:00 PM

Transitional TraditionsWhen I left you, it was early May and very few items had been planted. In that time, we have constructed seven raised beds, tilled out three 20-by-3-foot rows and three 40-by-3-foot rows. Everything has been planted and we are harvesting various lettuces, peas and beets. The radishes have come and gone, and even the salad greens themselves are about to give their final cutting.

Shortly after that was accomplished, I found another Craigslist gem: a wooden cable spool just right for a patio table. With my parents' unused umbrella for shade and random lawn chairs, we had a cute sitting area for taking breaks or enjoying guests. You can see it in the photo below.

our Craigslist patio 

In late May, I got some started tomato and pepper plants from a friend who runs a CSA on her farm. They are doing well! We also got some broccoli and kale plants from her, which are producing leaves for us every day. The broccoli heads are just starting to form.


We planted three kinds of decorative corn (sweet corn is being grown by my family across the street) and placed watermelon, gourds and honeydew in between the corn rows. Over time, the corn will grow high and the melons will cover the ground, making a nearly Three Sisters Planting, but in row form. We prefer the ease and abundance of bush beans over climbing beans, so don't put those into the corn rows.