What Material Should You Use for a Patio?

| 4/12/2017 8:41:00 AM

Megan WildA patio is a wonderful addition to any home. It can be everything from an outdoor garden space, highlighting dwarf plants around the edges, to an outdoor room with a fire pit for cooking and a cluster of comfortable chairs and tables.

The versatility of patio uses is reflected in what is used to create it. Patios can be made of a variety of materials, from a simple concrete rectangle to ornate curved and patterned stones. They can be designed to harmonize with your home or to form an outdoor accent.

The choice of materials can also determine how you use your patio and affect its size and shape. Each one has a distinct maintenance profile.

Wondering what you should use? Here’s an overview of five most common materials.

Source: Pexels


Gravel, usually from river rock or crushed stone, is one of the simplest and least expensive patio materials. A patio can be made with gravel laid carefully atop a fabric liner. Gravel has a rustic look that can harmonize very well with a surrounding garden. A gravel patio can also complement a casual home or farmhouse. It’s an environmentally conscious choice, since gravel can easily be repurposed and recycled if a new buyer has other plans for the backyard, or your family outgrows the need for a patio.