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| 2/24/2015 11:13:00 AM

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Life on Itzy Bitzy FarmI have virtually met so many wonderful homesteaders and farmers over the past two years and especially this past year since being back in North Carolina. I have long believed that this passion God sowed into me as a seed 12 years ago had so much more spiritual intention to it then was visible in the natural.

Some of my new homesteader friends are religious, some are not; our beliefs are not usually the center of our discussions and sharings. Sometimes faith comes into the conversation but mostly we share our passion and love of homesteading. The one common consistent value I see in ALL these people is respect and mutual admiration for each other and the life we foster. We try and share with beginners who desire to live a healthy, productive, giving, dedicated life of using what God has blessed us with through the earth, animals, crops and a hard day's work.


For the first time yesterday, I felt led to pray for these people. This is only February and it not only has been a hard winter but so far been a tough year for many farmers. We may have a respite from gardening and crop care in winter, which can be a season of rest for many of us who mainly focus on growing our food in gardens. But, for we who raise animals for food sources, the hard work does not take a rest in winter. Many have had losses this year in precious life of their beloved animals. As I prayed, I was shown that with hard work and heartache comes wisdom.


Learning never ceases, understanding the fragility of life and reliance we must have on a Higher Power becomes more apparent. I have been so blessed by the many people we have crossed paths with over the years, the immense amount of knowledge I have gained through these relationships is overwhelming to me at times. These people are amazing! They endure, they persevere, they willingly share and encourage. Homesteaders make the BEST cheerleaders and motivational speakers! 

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