Living Life on the Homestead and Off the Grid

| 1/13/2015 11:54:00 AM

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Kate MarloweTaking the plunge

The decision has been made to go off-grid. Land that functions as a homestead is purchased, and you are prepared to forgo modern conveniences in order to live a healthier, independent and simpler life. Alternative water, heat and electric sources may be set up. No longer sitting in an office at a constraining job, the search is on for home-based ways to make money. Reality hits and panic sets in, everything is being put at risk, and you will be living a hard, stressful life to forgo the rat race, or will you? Time to look at the upside, there are qualities provided by an off-grid lifestyle that are difficult to find otherwise.


Some or all of the above may be implemented, depending on your personal wants and needs for an independent life. There is a wide variety in how people choose to homestead today. The options range from apartment and urban homesteading to backwoods subsistence living and 100-percent self-reliance in the country. Choosing what fits your situation is the best way to ensure a happy and abundant lifestyle. Any changes you make to incorporate this way of life affords you greater independence, more family time and a happier connection to your world.

Off-grid Independence


1/17/2015 7:51:19 AM

Kate, I so admire those that can live a simple homestead life in the modern commercialized world. I always had a dream of having an acreage in the country but my wife's health issues prevented it from happening so now during retirement my homesteading is done by gardening vacant lots in the inner city. So far I have two and possible another will come under cultivation soon. I am a self proclaimed Urban Farmer. ***** Have a great off the grid day.

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