Letting Go: When to Hire Professionals for Projects

Reader Contribution by Holly Welles
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A self-sufficient lifestyle is appealing. When you don’t need another person’s assistance, and you can manage your property on your own, that sense of independence is a source of strength. It’s a freedom you’ve earned through hard work — a special kind of satisfaction you can’t find elsewhere.

At the same time, a self-sufficient attitude can compromise your operation if you’re not careful. You’re a competent, capable homesteader, of course, but it’s smart to ask for outside help when a project exceeds your abilities. Knowing when to hire professionals will keep you from making any costly mistakes.

With this in mind, when is it best to delegate the work to someone with more experience? When should you entrust a project to someone else? Here are three situations that demand expertise.

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1. Electrical Work

It’s often best to leave electrical work to electricians. When you work with wiring, you’re putting yourself at risk of electrocution, but that’s not all. You’re also creating a fire hazard that could spread throughout your homestead and cause larger problems. These are essential issues to consider if you want to take a DIY approach. 

More than that, certain projects with electrical work require permits and inspections. An electrician can handle the approval/disapproval process and save you the frustration. When you have a homestead or farm to operate, you have better things to do than deal with paperwork, which is an unattractive prospect for anyone.

In short, it’s a smart idea to bring in an electrician instead of taking out your toolkit. Even though they’re admittedly expensive, you can mitigate the cost. Something simple like mapping out your circuits correctly can save a professional from having to do it for you, and by extension, save money.

2. Renovations

If you have plans to renovate your homestead, you’re likely enthusiastic about starting the process. You have your tools; it wouldn’t take much to find the supplies and, depending on the scale of the project, you might even finish it in a weekend. Before you start, though, you should pause to reconsider.

Even if you’re confident you can complete the project yourself, time is money when it comes to remodeling. You don’t want to stop halfway through because of an unexpected setback you hadn’t prepared for. It could cost you far more than what you were expecting — or what you had in your budget.

With an experienced contractor, you can attend to other responsibilities around your property while trusting a professional to manage the work for you. As long as you ask them the right questions and contact a few of their former clients, you’ll feel far better about the success of your project.

3. Mold Removal

Mold removal doesn’t always require professional help, but it’s important to acknowledge when the problem is outside your skillset. If the patch of mold exceeds more than 10 square feet in size, you should seek assistance from someone with experience in the area. Otherwise, your safety is at risk.

When you’re attempting to contain the problem yourself, you could run into unforeseen issues. It helps to have someone with you who understands the complexities of mold and how it spreads. As an example, contamination in an HVAC system can distribute mold throughout an entire building, with the occupants unaware.

Consulting a contractor or other service professional can prove beneficial in more ways as well. They can identify the source of the mold and provide actionable advice on how to account for it in the future. Their expertise will keep you and those who live with you safe from harm.

Everyone Has Limitations

A self-sufficient lifestyle is appealing, but everyone has limitations. It’s important to recognize them and know when to hire professionals if you need outside help. When that happens, don’t hesitate — reach out to someone in your area who can lend a hand.

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