DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel for Less Than $1,000

Pull off your own kitchen remodel for less than $1,000, with smartly sourced supplies and a little DIY know-how.

| July/August 2016

Whether you love cooking or just enjoy food, there’s no doubt the kitchen is the center of the home. The exception to that rule may be the woodstove during winter. However, having your ideal kitchen is sometimes a work in progress. When the average kitchen renovation costs $20,000, it might seem impossible to do anything with a budget of $1,000 – but we disagree.

The key is putting in hours of sweat equity and creatively finding resources. You’ll learn valuable trades along the way, and any tools you purchase will be useful for other projects.

When we moved into our small home, we were working with a base-model manufactured house. While we were thankful to be homeowners at last, the amount of remodeling this house required seemed unending, so we decided to focus on the kitchen.

We had a budget of $1,000 to redo a full, eat-in kitchen with an attached dining area, so we needed to be thoughtful with our money.

This wouldn’t be a full-fledged kitchen remodel. What it is, is a way to bring a fresh new feel to what you already have. You won’t be changing your kitchen footprint, upgrading appliances, or replacing cabinets. While that may seem discouraging, read on for creative and thrifty solutions.

• What tools will you need? Do you have to buy or can you borrow them?
• Craigslist and eBay are great resources for materials and items at affordable prices.
• Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a second-time-around hardware store – and as an added bonus, it supports a great cause.
• If you know a contractor or tradesman, utilize their knowledge. They may even be willing to help with the project.

11/17/2017 8:59:20 AM

Besides a back splash, what all was improved? Were the cabinets replaced, just painted - or the doors/hardware WHAT was the money spent on? Sink, range, oven? WHAT?

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