Keeping it Simple

| 11/15/2017 2:20:00 PM

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Windy Meadows Farm

This morning’s walk with a dear friend found us enjoying the brisk and frosty air. The weather in our part of the Midwest has changed quickly…going from warm and sunny to downright chilly. It was 17 degrees one morning last week…brrr!  November has arrived, and as we walked we began talking about Thanksgiving and all that needs doing. There are plans to be made. The dinner menu: ham, turkey, or both? Do we truly need three pies…pumpkin, apple, and cherry pie? Side dishes…and old family favorite, Kingston mashed potatoes, are a must, but are they served alongside brown sugar-glazed carrots or succotash?

Whew…as much as I love Thanksgiving, the mere thought of all that needs doing can send me into frenzy. And while there is the inevitable debate on jelled versus whole berry cranberry sauce, this year, I’m determined to SLOW DOWN.

Like so many of you, that has been my goal all year, slowing down, keeping things as simple as possible, and keeping home as a haven and resting place from the worries outside. Alas, as many of us have found, keeping things simple is easier said than done. We all look forward to the holidays...tantalizing aromas that fill the house, a crackling fire, the post-dinner nap, board games, favorite old movies, and remembering to give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy.

This year our Thanksgiving decorating has taken a turn. Yes, the pumpkins and bittersweet are still there, but also reminders of what the day is truly all about.

I'm sharing some of what we've created this year...simple and done in no time. 

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