Surviving in Tough Times: How to Tie Knots

Learn to tie ten basic knots useful for survival, hobbies and a number of other frequent tasks.

| January 2014

Would you be prepared to survive in the event of a complete breakdown of modern civilization? In Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age (Paladin Press, 2007), author Jim Ballou introduces you to the essential skills and mind-set you will need to survive a complete, long-term shift in the way the world operates. Learn how to build a fire, recycle and salvage everything, develop survival bartering skills, prepare and store caches, and much more. In the following excerpt, learn to tie ten knots to complete common tasks.

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Using cord of any kind demands some knowledge about how to tie knots. Certain knots will be used in sewing, others in fishing, and still others in climbing, sailing, camping, horse handling, and numerous other activities.

Knots can be categorized by their function. Stopper knots are used to prevent rope from slipping through an eye. Bends are used to join two ropes together. Hitches are used for securing ropes directly to other objects like posts, hooks, rings, and rails. Loops are useful to hold the line fast when dropping one end of a line over an object. Shortenings are used to make rope shorter without cutting it, and fishing knots are most often used for attaching line to hooks. Learning how to tie at least 10 of the most common knots is a worthy short-term goal, in my view. One’s repertoire of useful knots can be increased over a period of time. The best way to remember how to tie and use certain knots is to practice them over and over again.

How to Tie Knots

Overhand Knot
The simplest knot is probably the overhand knot, which is frequently used as a stopper knot. It is easily constructed by looping the working end over the standing part and then passing the working end, or running end, back under and through the loop.

The bowline is perhaps one of the most important knots a person could ever learn to tie, as it has numerous possible applications. For example, it is a good knot to use for hoisting someone out of a deep hole with a strong rope.

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