How to Scare Crows and Cultivate a Better You

| 11/4/2014 11:13:00 AM

Jamie Cearley, PhDScarecrows, those lonely icons that embody the heart and soul of rural America, we all love them. But do they really work?

These days, more often than not, they find themselves bringing smiles as fall decorations. They certainly work in that regard. However, they were originally designed to elicit fear in birds, hence the name. Scarecrows are still occasionally enlisted in this effort today on small farms and homesteads. Do scarecrows really frighten crows?

Scarecrow on tractor

CrowSome kinds of scarecrows do frighten away crows. The original kind were especially effective. That is because historically speaking, scarecrows were children. They would watch the fields for the arrival of pesky birds and run flailing their arms and throwing rocks to scare them away from the newly planted seeds. Unfortunately, the Black Plague took out a significant number of these little bird frighteners. Hence, farmers began creating the stuffed model we are more familiar with today.

Whether running children or stuffed clothing with gourd heads are actually effective to any large degree in increasing crop production is speculation. However, there are two things you can do that will unquestionably maximize the impact of your scarecrow.

 Two tips to make your scarecrow more effective: