How to Make Potato Storage Crates

| 10/22/2015 1:42:00 PM

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One of the most satisfying aspects of homesteading is harvesting and putting up food stores for the winter. After all, this is the very essence of sustainable, independent living: making sure that your family is fed year-round from what you produce on your land.

Once the harvest is gathered and winter sets in, though, you finally have time to take a breath and get to all those projects that you didn’t have a chance to take care of during the growing season. While late fall is a great time to get outdoor repairs done on your house and outbuildings, when the snow falls, you need some indoor projects to keep you occupied.

Storing Winter Potatoes

While some vegetables and fruits are best kept refrigerated or even frozen, many more crops will keep in a cool, dark place without expending any extra energy. Potatoes are one vegetable with a long shelf life as long as you prepare and store them properly. After digging up fresh potatoes, you should cure them in a warm, dark place with good circulation to allow the skins to dry out.

Once they have dried for two to three weeks, you can store the potatoes for months in a cool, dark place. Many people keep potatoes in a cardboard boxes, but the ideal storage container is sturdy, well-ventilated and protected from nibbling mice. You can easily build custom potato storage crates to keep your potatoes over many winters to come.

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