How to Make Horseshoes

Learn how to make horseshoes by following these easy step by step instructions to become a successful homesteader.  

 By Nicole Faires

August 2018

Book Cover

The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading: An Encyclopedia of Independent Living (The Ultimate Guides)(Skyhorse Publishing 2011), by Nicole Faires is not a storybook or a cookbook. It is a practical guide with nitty-gritty details on everything a homesteader can do, step-by-step with hundreds of color illustrations and pen and ink sketches. All of the information included in The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading meets these criteria: It is something that anyone can do, without special training. It can be done with relatively few supplies or with stuff you can make yourself. It has been tried and tested—either by the author, the military, doctors, or other homesteaders. You can do it! This book can help.

1. Use a straight piece of about 5/16 inch by 3/4 inch by 11-inch mild steel. If you have a large or small horse, adjust the size of the metal.