Hoop House Plans for Your Backyard Garden

Learn how to build a hoop house for cheap, and extend your gardening season.

| March/April 2016

You don’t have to have a big, expensive greenhouse to extend your garden’s growing season. Thanks to a lovely invention called the hoop house – and its varying styles – gardeners and farmers all over the country can enjoy homegrown fruits and veggies well after the growing season ends without spending a lot of time or money.

When you begin researching hoop houses and how to build one yourself, it might seem like all the designs are the same. At a glance, they have the same basic frame, but don’t be fooled. One hoop house design might be perfect for one gardener, while it doesn’t work at all for the next.

To help you sort through all the designs and options out there, I’ve put together instructions for four different hoop house styles, all tried and tested. One design takes minutes to set up, while the others are a bit more involved. All of them can be scaled to fit the available space.

The traditional hoop house

Bonnie Plants, based in Union Springs, Alabama, is one of the largest vegetable and herb producers in the United States. Freeman Agnew is horticulturist and head grower for Bonnie, and he says hoop houses help them extend their growing season, and he uses them in his own backyard gardening. He shares easy hoop house instructions from Bonnie, along with a few tips of his own to save money.

“For your hoop house cover, you can use old blankets, sheets or drop cloths,” he says. “You can also check with a nearby greenhouse facility in your area. If they are re-topping their houses, they will often give you the plastic tarp they removed.”

Following are the instructions for making the “Bonnie hoop house,” which you can also find on Bonnie Plants.

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