From Man Caves to She-Sheds

| 1/5/2018 4:16:00 PM

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Country Moon 

A few years ago man caves became prevalent. You know, those spaces that guys claimed all for themselves. They have always had them, but now they just want to expand on it. It’s their garages, barns, and tool sheds. Have we women ever really been allowed in these spaces? I once mentioned cleaning the garage to Jim because it was in some disarray (I am being kind here). I got this shocked look and reply, “That’s all right, I’ll get to it, I know where everything is at!” Really???

As of late, guys have gotten a little more aggressive. They take a spare room in the house, the attic or the basement and turn it into their own space. They have their big screen TV, their sports collections, hunting and fishing mementos and all other things near and dear to their hearts in that room. It’s where they hang out to watch the game with their friends, to flop and relax or do whatever. And it’s OK with us gals because, when they are in their hideaway, we gals have free reign on the rest of the domain to do as we like.

These man caves usually are at one end of the spectrum or the other with no middle room. They are either spotless, with everything in its place because it is their castle, or the man caves are basically pig pens (sorry, just going with total honesty here) because it is their domain and empty beer cans, remnants of pizza from two weeks ago, and dirty dishes that held…uh it is beyond guessing what food it once held…dominate the space. You just hope it has a door that you can just close.

OK, guys, we understand your need for your own space to get away from us and the rest of the world, really, we do. That is why we now have our she-sheds. Yep, that’s right, those old backyard sheds that just collected junk for who knows how long have become our private domain. We don’t want your garages, basements or man caves in the house, we are escaping to the backyard.

Actually, this is the latest trend as more and more women are trying to find a little quiet time for them in their hectic lives. After all, this is what a man cave is really all about, a place to escape to have a little guy down time. We all do it to ourselves, life is always in the fast lane and, although we all enjoy family time, we need our own time too.

1/15/2018 8:12:28 AM

Lois, does an outside garden area count as a man cave? I guess my man cave would be my vacant lot garden for about nine months out of the year and the basement seed starting area for the other three months. I can see how a woman would want a space that's just hers. Everyone needs their own space. I am not a hunter or a sports addict. I find peace and tranquility in nature. I've always found my stabilizing time in life to be outside the walls of a house. There's just something about being immersed in nature for me that calms the spirit. It must have come from when I was growing up and the time I spent wandering through the woods and exploring the creeks. Is the picture in the post your she-shed? It almost looks like a tiny house which is another trend rising up. ***** Have a great day in the she-shed. ***** Nebraska Dave

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