Building a Craigslist Garden

| 4/30/2015 3:20:00 PM

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Transitional TraditionsLast year we wanted a garden, but the deer population, along with rabbits, racoons and squirrels, really put a damper on that. We have five tillable acres that we could use for a garden, but without a fence and some attempts at protection, growing that garden would merely be an effort in keeping the wildlife population fat and happy. We grew a small container garden on the south wall of our house and had a nice little "fresh-eating" garden.

Container garden

This year, I got the idea of finding used fence on Craigslist. For $300, we picked up 1,200 linear feet of snow fence. I know snow fence is not deer fence and at 4 feet tall, barely enough to give them pause. However, with some modifications to the visual height as opposed to the actual height, we think we can fool those graceful animals into leaving our veggies alone. The slats in the fence are close enough together that we think the rabbits will have a hard time wiggling through. As for racoons, my farmer father says we can rig a single line of electric fence to the T-posts about six inches off the ground and that will keep them from climbing over or climbing under.


The deer will be the true issue. Andy and I plan to attach flexible posts normally used for temp fencing to the existing T-posts. Hooked to the T-posts, the extra height should reach 8 feet. We will then (or maybe before we attach them) string flat, white horse tape fencing. This will line the 300-foot perimeter, making the fence look much taller than it is.


5/12/2015 7:15:40 AM

Becky, I love Craig's List. My main grabs from Craig's list are pallets and old cedar fencing. There's a fencing company in my city that gives away all the old wooden fencing four and six feet tall. I'm in the process of putting up a fence around my garden. It hopefully will be finished this year but then that's what I said last year. The schedule for this year is tightening up and other projects abound. I'm glad to see that you are settling into your new life .... again. My your kids are growing up fast. I can remember you writing about the youngest two being born. You guys have traveled many roads since your first blog post I read. I wish you all good fortune for this year's garden. ***** Have a great day in the garden.

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