All You Need to Make Cheese

| 8/25/2014 4:10:00 PM

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Taylor Mardis KatzBefore I began making cheese in my own home, I assumed cheese-making was for people with heightened level of kitchen talent, and that someone such as myself, who can make half a dozen delicious lentil dishes but has yet to successfully bake a cake, would be ill-equipped for the task. And I will admit, I have not yet reached the advanced stages of cheesemaking (I’ve yet to age a cheese, for example). However, all of my experiences with cheesemaking have been both simple and gloriously fun.

In order to make cheese, yogurt, or butter, you’ll need to gather up a handful of ingredients and instruments. It’s likely that you’ll already have all the tools you need in your home kitchen (besides for cheese cloth). However, the necessary ingredients are a little more specific, and often cannot be purchased at your local supermarket. They’re not ingredients that you’ll find yourself using on other recipes, either. Fortunately, most of the required ingredients are relatively inexpensive, although the cultures vary widely in price. That being said, homemade dairy products are absolutely worth the time and investment. The fresh flavor of homemade dairy products is truly unparalleled!

Read on to learn about ingredients you’ll need for most cheese recipes, as well as which culture you’ll need for each type of cheese. All of these items are available for sale on the Bob-White Systems website, and may also be available locally. For a delightfully simple introduction to cheese-making, I recommend the Cheesemaking Kits from Bob-White Systems, which include everything you’ll need to get started. May your first forays into cheesemaking be a success!

Cheesemaking Kits

Common Cheese Ingredients


8/27/2014 9:20:11 AM

Taylor, looks easy enough to me. I haven't really tried cheese making but winter time is the least busy time here so that's when I delve into things that I haven't tried yet. Cheese making is one of those things I do want to try so maybe this is the year it will get done. ***** Have a great cheese making day.

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