A Low-Cost Rain Catcher Idea

| 8/7/2015 9:15:00 AM

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Faithful HomesteaderWhen we were looking at getting a rain catcher or two, we had an inside scoop on some free ones. Where we live in North Texas, we were able to get free totes originally used for water treatment. It costs money for the water treatment plants to dispose of the totes so it is more cost effective to give them away. I can’t say how things are everywhere, but if you are looking to get some rain catchers for little or no cost, it may be worth it to contact your local water treatment plant. We were even able to get some for a couple friends too.

Once we got the rain catchers home, we rinsed them out and painted them with spray paint to reduce algae and to match the house. My husband put screens on top of the totes to keep leaves and debris out. He then used gutter material to make an overflow on the side with a screen inside to keep out mosquitoes. We just used window screening that can be found at any hardware store. Any kind of irrigation system can be attached to the tote as well. The totes come with a manual shut off valve that takes a 2-inch cam lock connection. Connectors for this are readily available at plumbing supply stores.

Screen installed on top to keep out leaves and debris.

Screen installed on top to keep out leaves and debris.

Gutter material used on the side for overflow.

Gutter material used on the side for overflow.

8/11/2015 5:15:52 PM

NebraskaDave that sounds like a great setup. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

8/11/2015 10:49:28 AM

Faithful Homesteader, wow what a find. My source of free rain water storage is 55 gallon barrels. I can get as many as I want and have buddy barrels to store 150 gallons in addition to the big 400 gallon water storage tank. It's all for watering the backyard garden and comes off 1/4 of my house roof. Three inches of rain will fill all the tanks. ***** Have a great rain water storage day.

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