A Little Blue Egg

| 7/17/2014 8:20:00 AM

Life on Itzy Bitzy FarmHello GRIT Friends

I have not blogged in quite a while due to unforeseen setbacks. We relocated last January from the Northeast to North Carolina, and between the transition, re-settling, finding jobs and setting up our new homestead, life was full of changes and bumps in the road. 

I confess that I allowed the bumps in the road to steal my joy, and discouragement set in. Even with forward motion sometimes life can become a drudgery. Part of our forward motion was starting a new flock of laying hens. Well, that too brought some emotional down-turns. At 6 weeks old, the flock developed Coccidiosis, and I lost two of the babies. This was my first experience with this terrible illness. After a month of antibiotics, we seemed to have everyone healthy and that battle won. 


And for another first, I ended up with three roosters in my flock of 28. I thought about keeping one or two but soon changed my mind after seeing the aggressive behavior and watching the hens walking around on egg shells when the boys came around. So all three boys got re-homed.


10/1/2014 6:52:59 PM

Reading your blog just made my day, Susan. I know how discouraging it can be, and how joyful. I'm city bound right now with not much to do except teach the cat to yodel. May every day be a blue egg day!

7/17/2014 10:02:50 PM

We have bannies that lay blue eggs also! They are a cross bred chicken. Good luck with your garden. We too have put tree mulch bark in ours and screwed up the soil. We are removing the top layer, and replacing it with garden mulch. Best of luck!!! :)