4 Mid Summer Home Check Ups

| 7/11/2016 4:03:00 PM

Megan WildIn the winter months, you work hard to make sure the house is insulated, the heat is going strong and the pantry is stocked. Summer is more for cookouts and swimming than house repairs — especially in the scorching heat.

That’s what you’d prefer to think, maybe, but mid-summer could be the perfect time for home check-ups. Here are a few home maintenance tasks that will save you from a major headache later on:

Healthy Garden Soil

Maintaining the Yard and Garden

From heavy downpours in late spring to damage done from harsh winters, the seasons can do a number on your yard and plants. Mid-summer is the perfect time to trim back the bushes and trees, rake stray leaves and freshen up the layout of your garden.

It’s mulching season, and it’s one of the simplest things you can do for your yard. Add mulch to garden beds and around the trees — at least two inches deep to help keep the weeds from coming up. Calculate your mulch needs based on the square footage of your garden beds.

Have you recently checked out the wear on tear on your mower or weed eater? Would a small tiller help you to turn over the soil more easily? Check the belts, gas, nuts and bolts. Care for your garden tools, and take the time to set up a clean, accessible space for your yard equipment.