16 Reasons to Garden in Raised Beds; 6 Reasons Not To

| 2/19/2016 10:30:00 AM

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Candi Johns





My garden is a rustic assembling of random materials erected into raised beds.

3/17/2016 8:50:20 PM

My main problem with raised beds is the fact that I can only work them by hand-can't till, can't mow, can't bushog, so all weeding and cultivating has to be by hand. As I get older, I appreciate more the ability to till or disc instead of hand weed or hoe.

2/25/2016 5:24:29 PM

Wonder Woman, old tired man here. I used to be the never tiring project worker but the years have slowed me down some. I still get fired up and do heavy work projects. My material of choice for raised beds is limestone rocks that are taken out of walls that are being replaced with fashionable retaining wall blocks. So a da of hauling rocks will certainly bring on some aches and pains the next day. I'm into the mature season of life but it doesn't mean I'm not in the game still. ***** Have a great super hero Spring gardening day.

2/21/2016 3:39:17 PM

We have several raised beds and everything Candi says is true. They can be a bit expensive to build, but once built, you're done with that expense. The time and energy they save is well worth the expense. We put our red raspberries in a bed to contain them. Buried about 4" of a 2x12. It isn't perfect, but soooo much easier to control. We used pvc pipe bowed over the veggie beds - strapped on with conduit straps. Throwing a sheet over it when there was a threat of a late frost, or using screening to protect young seedlings extends the growing season and helps produce more food. Even if you are physically capable of crawling around on the ground to weed plants, handle a rototiller, and lug around other gardening tools, I would highly recommend raised bed gardening.

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