1 Trick To Get Your Produce Farm-to-Table Faster and Easier

| 7/14/2015 11:05:00 AM

Candi JohnsI'm going to share with you my secret of taking the hassle out of eating your own homegrown, fresh produce.

Hassle, you say?

Oh, we sow, we weed, we water, we toil, we mulch, we hoe, we fuss until finally the day arrives. The day we begin to harvest baskets of fresh produce right from our gardens. Oh, the satisfaction, the happiness, the joy of bringing basketfuls of fresh, organic, homegrown produce into our homes.

But …

It must be washed, rinsed, cleaned. The bugs, the dirt, the pieces of mulch have to be removed. The filth has to go so the veggies can be fit for our tables. There are few things less appetizing than a bug in your salad. Except maybe three worms in your broccoli.