Diva Dripping in Honey: Harvesting the Gold

| 10/30/2011 9:30:24 AM

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Muck Boot Diva HeadshotA few weeks ago when the MWM was pushing to harvest our honey -- Lash, our Bee Sensei, taught him a great lesson:  Patience!  Beekeepers must be patient and wait for the bees to cap the honey comb before they remove it. Lash told the MWM (as he made him TAKE BACK the supers the first time) that if you remove the super of honey prior to the bees sealing the honey it will ferment or be “green” which will cause customers to nitpick. So, he told us not to remove the honey combs until all frames were completely capped.

Well, the Diva is a wife – and all wives like to say those four little words time and again – you know – “I TOLD you so…”  Yup.  Those were the words.  The MWM was not happy.  We took the supers back, and he put them back on the hives.  Now, the bees were happy.

Do you think we listened to our bee Sensei after that?  Not completely.  We left the supers there for another few weeks, but we are living between two states and don’t have the time for all that patience. So, Lash and Pat were very kind and allowed us to put our three supers in their drying room for a couple weeks until they were totally sealed.

You know -- the bees aren't going to freely hand over their honey to you. They take great offense to robbers in great white suits taking their gold on the run. You have to figure out some way to remove the bees from their honey first.


mary carton
11/2/2011 9:20:07 PM

My Dad used to keep bees. It never failed that a bee would find the one hole he had in his suit. Mom was constantly patching that suit.

chuck mallory
11/1/2011 9:24:42 PM

I am so jealous! I live in Chicago so keeping bees would surely get me kicked out of the condo association. But there is nothing like raw honey freshly gathered.

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