Crystallized Flowers Recipe

Edible flowers are a great, decorative addition to any dessert. Use this Crystallized Flowers Recipe to emboss your favorite blooms in sugar.

| May/June 2012

  • Crystallized Flowers
    Candied flowers are a special treat that can keep for up to a year when stored correctly.
    Lori Dunn

  • Crystallized Flowers

Performing this activity — the sealing of delicate blossoms in a shell of sugar that lets them dry without fading or decaying — was especially popular in 17th- and 18th-century Europe. Johnny jump-ups — with their smooth, flat petals — scented geraniums, pansies and roses work best. The egg white and sugar act as a preservative, causing the color and shape to last for months or possibly up to a year if stored properly. Store in a sealed jar, away from light and humidity.

Edible Flowers for Any Occasion

Crystallized Flowers Recipe

1 egg white
Superfine sugar

Beat egg white in a bowl until foamy.

Dip flowers, one at a time, into egg white (or apply a thin, even coat with a small paintbrush, if preferred), making sure to coat every part of the petals.

Shake flower gently to remove excess egg white.

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