5 Grains to Grow in the Home Garden

| 11/30/2015 9:44:00 AM

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Growing plants to harvest and use as grains is as easy as growing any flower or vegetable. Here are a few to consider:

1. Corn

Usually thought of as a vegetable, corn is actually a grain. You can grow dry corn the same as you would sweet, but allow it to dry thoroughly on the cob before harvesting the kernels to grind.

Be sure to take preventative measures if you are also growing sweet corn nearby, as their pollen is carried on the wind and there can be cross pollination.

Choose a variety that is meant to use for this purpose, they are less sugary and will dry more easily. One of the best varieties for making your own corn meal is Cherokee White Eagle.

8/14/2016 12:33:17 AM

Would have been helpful it we'd know the climate requirements of those plants. I live on 55th lat and I am not sure if millet or quinoa would grow here , but if they did, I'd love to try!

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