Chicken Pallet Pen

I have 30 chicks coming by mail in one week and I figured I would just find a livestock water tank or maybe a large cardboard box to house them in while little. The problem was the livestock tanks used (and very used) were still quite expensive and the cardboard box was pretty flimsy and not re-usable. So, my lovely husband offered up the idea to use some of the free pallets that we have been getting for the past two weekends and make our own re-usable baby chick (poultry) pen. Yea! Great idea. Fortunately for me, he loves to build stuff! Yes, Kristopher, you love to build stuff...all summer long :) The size is 2'8" X 4'4" X 2'8". It is pretty light as well so I can move it around easily. I will put a strip of cardboard in the middle while my 30 chicks need the extra warmth and after a week or two will open it all up to them. The cost of my pallet pen was $20 for screws (which I now have tons of screws let for more projects). Check out the pics below to see the process!

*Note- I can re-use this as a large planter or compost bin.

 Cutting the nails off the pallets with a sawzall

Stack of pallet planks

   resided with planks tightly together to reduce drafts and escapies

Meg with Modern Roots
5/12/2013 2:23:32 AM

It's about 3 feet tall. BUT you don't have to build it that tall. When they are little, they only need it about 2 feet tall.

Annette Engelbert
5/10/2013 2:09:21 PM

How tall is your box? I'm not that tall so if I have to reach in the bow I don't want to fall in. LOL

Meg with Modern Roots
3/2/2013 3:42:25 AM

Hey Dave! I love them!! I have hit the pallet pit on untreated HUGE pallets. I have a lot of lumber now for my projects.

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