“Ay Chihuahua!” Too Hot Peppers!

| 4/14/2013 7:00:58 PM

Ah, spring has brought back the farmers market, a little nice weather and has inspired me to cook some of my favorite fresh food recipes.  I picked up some early spinach that inspired a smothered chicken breast on a nest of fresh spinach, topped with a nice guacamole.  Chiles from the garden 

The recipe gives me an opportunity to use some of my frozen chile as well, so this evening while the chicken cooked I whipped it all together and did my taste test.  “Ay Chihuahua!” Talk about an afterburn! I realized this was the chile I had frozen from the draught year – too little water often will produce a chile that is hot as blazes, even when it is a known mild variety.

Well, I saved the meal by adding an extra avocado and an extra tomato and as usual the combination was delicious, BUT, it did remind me as I planted this year to choose a mild variety of chile and to make sure I planted where sufficient water would be available.  I will look forward to the pungent smell of chiles roasting on the grill as I prepare them for freezing.

It is still cold here in Wichita and I haven’t even planted the lettuce. I plan to do that tomorrow after cleaning my beds out but we will have at least roasting on the grillthree days below freezing this week, so I don’t see a reason to rush it. 

Isn’t that what gardening is all about?  You work with the weather gods and plant when you know it’s right.  Maybe this year when I whip up the guacamole, “ Ay Chihuahua” will be for the surprisingly good taste, not the heat!