Are You in Love with the Earth, Or Just Dating?

| 2/24/2012 11:35:58 AM

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Walk Along the River 

Joan Pritchard 

HeadshotI consider living on earth as being in a relationship, and, as in other relationships, often it is judged by your actions, not your words.  As an example, you may consider yourself in a loving married relationship, but if you forget your first anniversary, there may be some doubt about your presence.  So it is with your relationship with the earth.  There are levels of engagement that can be measured in action.  Are you in love with the earth or only dating?  Are you good friends with the earth, or only a passing acquaintance?  I assume at least that last level of engagement or you wouldn’t be reading this.

People act in all manner of strange ways in this world, but I’ve found a few test behaviors to check my relationship with earth.  For example,

If you buy gourmet beverages and refuse to recycle the can, you may be an acquaintance.

If you warm the sofa on a beautiful spring day, you’re either exhausted or an acquaintance.

If your lawn is still a perfectly irrigated, fertilized and mowed half acre of fescue, you’re probably an acquaintance.  If you just dug up a square in the back for a vegetable garden, you’re ready for a date.

2/26/2012 1:01:23 PM

Great post - I love it! Welcome to the GRIT community, Joan.

2/24/2012 10:22:40 PM

Joan, you have a great philosophy. I too agree that the best things in life reside outside in nature. Right now I'm enjoying looking out the widow at the Courier and Ives snow falling. Yeah, OK, why am I not outside enjoying it. Well, I probably will be after it gets finished and the driveway needs clearing. :0) It's been a funny year for sure. We have had more snow in Nebraska in February than all the rest of the year. Well, the snow is done and the sun is shining. Yeah, only in the midwest can the weather change minute by minute. I've learned to breathe in the moment because a minute later the special moment is gone. With the 40 degree temperature outside, I will miss out on the shoveling for now. Oh, well, (big sigh) there's always next time. Welcome to the GRIT blogging community. I look forward to hearing a lot more about your love for nature. Have a great nature dating/love day.

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