10 Most Affordable Alternative Energy Options

| 5/31/2013 9:33:46 AM

Joe FortunatoIn the interest of saving money many non-green types have begun to explore alternative energy. Whether you are an environmentalist or not, it seems like everyone can appreciate what the green movement is doing for people's wallets. Here are some of the most promising alternative sources around.

DIY: Home Energy Made Cheap 

Here are a few of the most promising DIY projects for people hoping to save on home energy:

  • Insulated Wooden Fridge - This works about eight months a year.
  • Electric Lawn Mower - With a little rigging, a lawn mower can become gas-free.
  • Pedal Powered Generator - YouTube tutorials teach DIY gurus how to make this awesome tool.
  • Homemade Solar Panel - These panels are a great choice if you can't afford the $200+ store-bought versions.

These projects and more can be found on Ecoble.

Solar Power 

PRICE: About $9,000 per House ($6,000 After Federal Tax Break)