Jean TellerIt’s been too long since we talked movies (or television, for that matter, an omission I will try to rectify in the near future). So how about a list of a few movies in September that I’m looking forward to seeing?

Oh, I saw District 9. A good, low-budget, sci-fi romp, albeit a bit more bloody and gruesome than I’d expected. I still have yet to see The Time Traveler’s Wife or Julie & Julia. And Taking Woodstock opens this weekend in my town. Sigh, too many movies, too little time.

What does September hold?

All About Steve stars Sandra Bullock and Bradle Cooper.

All About Steve: A romp for Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, this comedy looks good in the trailers. A blind date between puzzle constructor Mary (Bullock) and hunky news cameraman Steve (Cooper) leads to a lopsided relationship, with Mary as the stalker. I’m a little leery of a movie in which someone makes such an utter fool of herself, as I don’t find stupidity all that funny. But I love both Bullock and Cooper (since his Alias days!), so I may make the effort to see this one. If only to see how it ends, because I don’t really see a happily-ever-after ending for this one. Do you? Rated PG-13, All About Steve also stars Thomas Haden Church and opens September 4.

Extract stars Jason Bateman.Extract: Another comedy, this one stars Jason Bateman as the owner of a flower extract plant (a hilarious concept itself) who has to deal with a range of work, home and marriage issues. On paper, it doesn’t sound so funny, but the trailers were enough to make me laugh, and I do like Bateman. Rated R, Extract opens September 4.

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