Jalapeño-Cheese Venison Summer Sausage Recipe

This Jalapeño-Cheese Venison Summer Sausage Recipe is great for beginners and experts alike.

| November/December 2011

jalapeno cheddar sausage

This Jalapeno-Cheese Venison Summer Sausage has a kick and some extra flavor, thanks to fresh jalapeno peppers and high-temperature cheese.

Caleb D. Regan

Summer sausages — sometimes called dry or hard sausages — are cured meats that are fermented and dried. They will keep for a long time — summer sausage even gets its name from staying preserved during summer months or with little or no refrigeration. Give this Jalapeño-Cheddar Venison Summer Sausage recipe a go, and you'll have a new way to use ground venison.

Home Meat Curing   

This venison summer sausage makes use of high-temperature cheese, which is cheese that can withstant temperatures up to 400 degrees F. With a kick of flavor from some jalapeño peppers, this recipe is one you'll want to try right away.

Jalapeño-Cheese Venison Summer Sausage Recipe

3 pounds venison
2 pounds pork
5 tablespoons Morton Tender Quick Curing Salt
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 teaspoon mustard seed
1 teaspoon marjoram
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon garlic powder (or 5 minced fresh garlic cloves, if you have them)
4 fresh jalapeño peppers
½ pound high-temperature cheddar cheese

Grind together venison and pork. Add curing salt, pepper, mustard seed, marjoram, sugar and garlic powder. Mix together thoroughly with your hands, making sure curing salt and seasonings get evenly dispersed through meat.

Hull jalapeño peppers and remove seeds, then chop into small but not fine chunks. Part of the visual appeal at the end will be in seeing the peppers and cheese in the log of summer sausage. Combine jalapeño peppers and high-temperature cheese (you might have to go to a big-box supplier for the high-temp cheese, unfortunately) with the meat. Mix thoroughly.

Kristin Scarborough
12/4/2017 8:13:05 PM

I don’t have a smoker. If cooking these sausages in the oven, what is the correct temperature and cooking time to use?

Kristin Scarborough
12/4/2017 8:13:03 PM

I don’t have a smoker. If using an oven, what is the correct temperature and cooking time?

11/22/2017 11:08:56 AM

This is almost identical to the recipe I use for basic summer sausage (minus pepper and cheese obvious) however there is 1 1/2 cups water in my recipe. I'm pretty sure that's what keeps mine moist while cooking, I'm sure it evaporates off and kind of "steams" the roll as it cooks.

11/16/2017 4:22:16 PM

50/50 pork works best. Use port trimmings or a whole pork shoulder. You need the fat. Whatever red meat you use, it needs to be lean, with little tallow or beef fat. The fat in the mixture comes from the pork. Brisket is not a good idea. Tried the recipe and it worked great. A simpler way is to use High Country seasonings, out of Missoula, Montana. They sell it at Bass Pro, Cabelas, Field and Stream and Academy. The preset mixturres makes this an easy task.

11/16/2017 4:22:13 PM

50/50 pork butt and venison, elk or antelope works best. It's firm and moist and does not crumble. If you use beef, I would use lean beef, not brisket.

12/29/2015 7:28:54 AM

Can i use beef for this same recipe instead of venison? I made the venison and it was delish!!

12/5/2015 8:41:07 PM

Tarp the crumblyness is due to air. You need to stuff the sausage casing harderto compact it.

12/4/2015 3:20:22 PM

Thank you. I was kinda thinking that too. Wish me luck. This weekend its on!!

12/4/2015 2:22:34 PM

Hey, Jody. Pork butt, which actually comes from the front shoulder, will work just fine! Mainly just adding some fat to the equation. Hope it turns out well! Let me know @ cregan@grit.com

12/2/2015 8:34:06 PM

I have everything I need to make this except the pork. What should I get?

9/30/2015 4:39:23 PM

Hmmm, Tarp. Not sure. Not real sure what you mean by "crumby and soft." Were they cooked all the way through? If everything else is equal, my initial thought is that maybe with beef brisket, you don't need to add any pork. I've love to hear more about it though! Thanks for posting.

9/28/2015 4:15:47 PM

I tried this recipe but with trimmed beef brisket and used Cabela's 2 1/2 X 20" mahogany fibrous summer sausage casings. When I cut into them the centers were all very crumby and soft. What went wrong? Tarp.

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