Tools of the Phenology Trade

Phenomenal Phenology

Calendar: Freshwater Foundation/WCCO Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Engagement Calendar or similar calendar

Magnifying glass and pocketknife: Any kind of knife will do as long as you keep it sharp.

Compact binoculars. Latimer uses a Nikon, but any of several good brands works fine. Seven or eight power magnification is best. Stay away from 10-power or higher. They are too hard to hold still. The larger the front lenses, the more light they will gather.

Field guides: Latimer’s list:

Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, Lawrence Newcomb, Little, Brown

Northland Wildflowers, John B. and Evelyn W. Moyle, University of Minnesota Press

Wildflowers of the Northern Great Plains, J.R. Jowsey, J.S. McLean, University of Minnesota Press

A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America, Roger Tory Peterson, Houghton Mifflin

The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds,Eastern Region, Knopf

Fascinating Fungi of the North Woods, Larry Weber and Cora Mollen, 2006.

  • Published on Oct 8, 2008
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