Rare Breeds Focus of ALBC Conference

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iStockphoto.com/Jessica & Paul Jones
Sheep grazing in meadow; ALBC annual conference.

The 30th Annual Conference for the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is set for November 9 and 10 in Cary, North Carolina.

The ALBC is a national, nonprofit organization focused on the preservation of endangered breeds of livestock and poultry. More than 180 breeds were listed as endangered on the ALBC’s 2012 Conservation Priority List.

The conference, titled “35 Years of Conservation Success,” aims to celebrate the group’s accomplishments, share its history, and encourage participants to move toward more sustainable farming practices. Topics from raising chickens to starting a small-farm business to raising heritage breeds will be presented by noted presenters such as Andy Schneider, also known as The Chicken Whisperer; Patricia Foreman, author of several books on raising chickens; and Gra Moore, who raises heritage pork for chefs.

“Heritage breed conservation seems like a fancy term, but in reality it’s all about small farmers making smart choices and raising historic breeds in sustainable systems,” says Dr. Alison Martin, research and technical program director for the ALBC. “The ALBC conference brings together farmers, educators, historians, foodies, conservationists, and others interested in sustainable choices, and shows them how heritage breeds can fit into their plans.”

The conference costs $195 for ALBC members and $230 for nonmembers. For more details on the conference visit The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, or call 919-542-5704.