Planting Flower Bulbs for Next Spring

When it comes to planting flower bulbs, just sow a few bulbs, then simply wait for the colorful show to begin in early spring.

| September/October 2010

Tulip Bulbs

Tulip bulbs ready for planting.

Flowering Bulbs to Plant on Your Acreage  

Nothing soothes the soul like spring – and nothing announces the season like a clump of blooming tulips, a blur of grape hyacinths, a swath of crocuses, a blaze of daffodils, a secret clutch of shy, purple or white fritillaria.

But planting bulbs? Ah, now that’s the supreme act of faith, proof that you’re sticking around. It’s a testament that you’ve now reached adulthood and can handle delayed gratification.

Because bulb-planting season is often cold, sleety, brown, gray, anything but colorful.

No matter. When gardeners talk about bulbs, superlatives pop up a lot.

“They’re like the best kind of guest,” says Anna Pavord, the British author of the photo-packed, 544-page, 8-pound tome Bulb. “They leap up into flower and delight you, and then tuck themselves away. They’re about pure delight and pleasure.”

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